Uyai Collection - Story telling with jewelry

  "Uyai" means ‘Beauty’ in the Ibibio-Efik language.
  Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Every woman is beautiful and her beauty can be interpreted differently by each one who sees or knows her. Her strength, passion, physical features, and courage are all at the mercy of the eyes of the beholder    
Beauty can be seen in everything. God made all things beautiful. 
The "Uyai" collection exhibits a distinct beauty that comes from a love of nature, language, people and precious stones that inhabit the earth. Each piece has been crafted exclusively to showcase the unique beauty and individual tastes of each woman. The vibrant cornucopia of gems, crystals, seed beads and corals reflect a conscious zest for this beauty to be known and celebrated. It is with this passion that I present Uyai, the collection         
 ~ Itoro Okon
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Yenema…The Beloved one.

The owner’s love. She is the center of her universe. Everything revolves and relies on her. She is a source of strength to her family and the people around her.