Dec 2015 Look Book

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Esther (Hadassah) / Myrtle

Like the myrtle plant, may the fragrance released when our leaves are bruised by adversity be sweet. Like Esther, may we come through such adversity, beautiful and triumphant.



The intricate knots of Josephine represent a woman’s heart. We rise courageously above insecurities and fears. Filled with audacity, we start each day with a warrior’s heart. We make quiet sacrifices and fight to live the dream that we can right now only visualize. 


Unapologetically soft and fiery, Marcol is also daring. She strides confidently into the future, prepared to battle whatever unknown awaits.



Inspired by Naomi’s daughter-in-law we hope to follow and stay true to our hearts, learning to find peace with our decisions and choices, never complaining throughout our earthly journey. For our hard work, humility, and generosity we receive blessings.




Astrid means “divine strength”. It is a warm steady glow, an unshakable faith that quietly but constantly pushes us to be the best of ourselves.