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Square Neckline & Necklaces

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 A square neckline is one of the hardest necklines to pair because there are so many hard lines going on. This cut favours the diamond and the heart shaped faces, adding more definition and structure.

It’s best to pair it with an angular necklace. It helps harmonize with the angular neckline and gives a sophisticated and elegant look/finish.

blue jewelry square neckline itoro okon

The square neckline really draws attention to your neck and it gives you ample space to show it off. I would also suggest a chunky choker necklace or a dainty one. It’s up to you.

Angular neckline

Angular neckline


You can also go with long necklaces for a lot of layering ensure that the first layer starts from below the neckline not above it. 2 -3 layers will work fine. A layered gold chain will give a more chic and sophisticated look.

Square neckline



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