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One bold step at a time - How it all Went Down at AGJES 2017

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I got invited to be a speaker and exhibitor at the African Gems and Jewelry Exhibition and Seminar (AGJES) held on the 19th and 20th of October. AGJES is an event that showcases the best of the industry’s product and offerings and hosts expert seminars to advance the African gemstone exhibition and jewelry Industry. It was definitely a great opportunity to be part of such an event. I got to see and understand the mining-to-jewelry value chain better.

Itoro exhibiting and presenting at AGJES 2017Itoro Exhibiting and Presenting at AGJES 2017


Oh! How Much I Love Exhibitions

I do exhibitions quite often. I enjoy exhibitions because I get to meet with customers one on one and I get direct feedback about my products. I was rather nervous as a speaker because that will be first in years.

In all honesty I’m a shy person but earlier this year I made up my mind to face all fears head on and deal with every challenge as it comes. I’m definitely not one to chicken out so I took up this challenge, because if you think about it what’s the worst that could happen (I’ll fall off the stage…God forbid…lol). Most of what we fear never really happens; think about that for a minute.

The wife of the vice president, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, and Mrs. Murtala Mohammed graced us with their presence and interacted with us. They asked if my jewelry pieces were made here in Nigeria (I get this ALL the time at exhibitions.)

Itoro exhibiting and presenting at AGJES 2017


The overall feedback from the exhibition booth was fantastic. I had a customer-turned-friend model his lava necklace for me. We had nice people stop by and purchase or make inquiries about Jewelry by Itoro Okon. None of the pieces from the new collection made it back to Lagos with me. I am thrilled about how well it all went.

lava beads by itoro okon

I Did Justice To My Presentation

Friday was my presentation day and I had 3 other ladies co-host with me. My topic – How to Style / Wear Jewelry - was an interesting one. I wore a blue asymmetric neckline top and a mid-length skirt by Dress Wear Lagos. I paired it with my cobalt blue tassel earrings and a cuff from Zivanora. Less is more.

Itoro exhibiting and presenting at AGJES 2017

I was excited to speak on this topic because jewelry is very visual; you need to show people how to wear it so they can appreciate it more.

We talked about the 5 important factors to consider before selecting your jewelry and I gave some pointers which I’ll share with you in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned.

Itoro exhibiting and presenting at AGJES 2017

In the evening we had a runway show, my first runway show actually. It was an experience I won’t forget in a hurry.

Itoro exhibiting and presenting at AGJES 2017

Altogether, Abuja was a wonderful experience.

Itoro exhibiting and presenting at AGJES 2017

I love Abuja, it’s quite different from Lagos. It’s quiet, no traffic,  everyone is calm and easy going. I’m seriously considering moving there, at least for my sanity and creativity. Do you think this is a step in the right direction? Please leave your comments below.




Great Job Itoro!! Pretty as ever and so happy you are going places. But must say you never showed the entrepreneur spirit back then or was just in the making:)



Lovely right up! Talk about being intentional. You looked good! Nice dress and styling too! Dress Wearhouse for the win!

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