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JEWELRY STYLE TIP #1 - How to accessorize your print outfit

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Hi! My name is Itoro and I'm a jewelry designer.

I haven’t always done jewelry design. For me it started with a prayer - an honest one with God to use my hands to make something or do something beautiful. You see, I’m not much of a talker, but I love using my hands. I love to help people feel better about themselves. I do this by creating beautiful things that can put a smile on their faces or serve as a reminder of how beautiful and precious they are. Jewelry isn’t just an object of adornment for me; it is a reminder of an experience, a story, or a treasured memory that is held deep within my heart.

Living in a fast-paced and fashion forward city, I believe we must find the strength to chase our dreams and aspirations so we can live our best lives. We have to put our best foot forward and focus on the things that matter. We have to be ready to grab a good opportunity when it comes our way. Now, who says we can’t do all of this while looking good on a budget?

Always Accessorize

The key is to accessorize. Your accessories can make or break an outfit. A lot of ladies struggle with accessorizing print outfits and just stick with gold, silver or black. Those are safe and foolproof choices, but I think we can take more risks. Let me show you a little trick that works most of the time.

Accessorizing print fabric with Jewelry by Itoro Okon


If you have a print fabric like the one in the picture, you can accessorize by pulling out or capturing colours found in the print, for example, the cobalt blue and burgundy.

Typically, because of the high halter neck you’ll want to avoid anything that lies on the neck. You’ll want to stick with statement earrings and bangles.

1. Burgundy tassel

Burgundy tassel jewelry by Itoro Okon

The tassels are plain but make a statement. This makes for a simple and chic look .

2. Blue Tassel

Blue Tassel by Itoro Okon

Since the print fabric has smaller bits of blue, you can use something that will make the earrings pop a bit more. A pair of blue tassel earrings has a personality of its own and totally steals the show. It also makes for a conversation piece.

Blue tassel jewelry by Itoro Okon


3. Brown Earrings

Brown Earrings by Itoro Okon

These earrings are bold but pretty close in colour to the main colour in the outfit. This is better for ladies who aren’t too adventurous with colours but still want to make a statement.

Remember that we want to end this year with a BANG and step out in style. Which is your favourite look? Let me know. If you have trouble pairing accessories with an outfit send an email to info@itorookon.com and I’ll help you out.

Now go pull out those print fabrics that are in your closet and start pairing them up with statement accessories.

I'll love to hear about your journey. Everyone's path is different. Leave a comment and someone can just learn a thing or two.

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