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Introducing Oyinda, the Floral Necklace

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This is my best selling necklace and I absolutely love it. To me Oyinda floral necklace is the epitome of Jewelry by Itoro Okon. It’s feminine, stylish and timeless. I first created this piece in 2015 and over 2 years later, it’s still a hit. It also has never failed as a perfect gift.

Coral Floral Necklace Oyinda

How do you wear the Oyinda Floral Neckpiece?

The Oyinda floral necklace is versatile as you can wear it with both traditional and non-traditional outfits. It also comes in different colours. I’m going to be experimenting with a few new colours over the holiday so watch this space.

Until a few weeks ago I had made Oyinda in peach, blue, coral, white, and lilac.

Blue and Grey floral necklace

I had always wanted to make this floral necklace in yellow but I kept postponing it because I thought to myself, “Who would buy it in yellow anyway?”. I try to factor in the fact that I’m not always going to make what I like (even though I’m obsessed with yellow). I always have to first consider, “Will it sell?” That’s the creative side and business side trying to coexist. In this case, Creative won.

You can now buy Oyinda floral necklace in yellow!

Yello Floral Necklace

What kind of outfit should you wear?

Now what outfit goes best with yellow? Using a colour wheel you can work with purple, blue and green, but Lord knows I really didn’t want to look like a bag of skittles. I decided to work with neutral colours. Yellow goes perfectly with gray, black and white. I chose a white dress and accessorized with gold.

floral wedding necklace jewelry

Floral wedding necklace jewellery


Neckline is very important. A v-neck works perfectly because it mimics the shape of the necklace.

itoro rocking Oyinda floral necklace

I  recommend Oyinda, the floral necklace for almost anything - dinner date, casual outing, wedding and church. You can try it or give it as a gift today.


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