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Disrupting Fashion: 3 Rules to make Coral Fashionable

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Can we make coral beads fashionable? Wear it on a regular day not just for traditional occasions? I think coral beads are very pretty and vibrant. It does the talking. Even though it’s used mostly with Nigerian traditional attires. I’m of the opinion that we can try it otherwise and explore different options such as ankara or contemporary clothing.

Let’s ease the transition with pairing it with ankara outfits. Ankara can be worn on a daily basis or to special occasions just depends on the style and how you choose to wear it. I have combined 3 rules for wearing this coral necklace and ankara outfit, take note ankara is print fabric and has vibrant patterns.

Rule 1 - Pick out a minor color that goes with coral

how to match coral pieces with ankara

Look for the minor colour on the ankara and use a necklace of similar colour - that will be red or coral orange in this case. Lucky this print has a touch of coral- makes it easier.

Rule 2 - Follow the shape of the neckline

follow the neckline when wearing coral

I’m wearing an off shoulder (wide neckline) dress here. Without a necklace or statement earrings my chest will look really bare so filling it up with a jewelry piece will be perfect. If I opt for statement earrings I’ll pull of a casual look. A neck  piece makes it more dressy.

Rule 3 - Do not pair the coral with other statement pieces

Don’t pair it with a statement earrings or bracelet . This necklace is enough. You can use stud earrings or little earrings like the one I have on.

avoid mixing coral with other statement pieces

This coral piece is a statement piece and can definitely get a conversation started. You can shop this piece HERE 

What are your thoughts on Coral pieces? Please leave your comments below.


Pictures: @epic_images (instagram)

Make Up: @Sbeautyplace (instagram)

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