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5 ways to rock your tassel earrings and necklaces

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A girl can’t have too many accessories, especially not tassel earrings and necklaces. You can’t go wrong wearing these statement jewelry pieces and we know statement pieces are here to STAY!!!!

Now we love owambes too, but tassels are versatile and can be worn everywhere – to drinks or brunch with the girls, a dinner date, or even to a wedding. So that being said, here are five occasions you can wear your tassel earrings and necklaces to.

 Ombre tassel earrings by Itoro Okon

1. Going on a date and want that sexy and classy look? Throw in a pair of tassels.

Put on a lace dress, get your make up done and throw on your tassel earrings. You’ll have him drooling. Click HERE to get this look; we are on a mission to unleash that inner goddess in you.

 Burgundy/wine tassel earrings by Itoro Okon


2. Do you want to spruce up your work outfit?

Tassel earrings can also be worn in an office environment provided they stay short. It’s a no-no to wear long tassels if it’s a corporate environment; however, the culture of organizations vary. I’d suggest a tassel necklace instead. Be careful, your boss might just want yours.


 silver tassel necklake by Itoro Okon

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3. Tassels are a great fit for birthdays

Birthdays naturally invite tassels as they are able to give you that relaxed and playful feel.

Turquoise purple ombre tassel earrings

4. Outing with the Girls

When you are thinking of spending time with your girlfriends, it’s never a bad idea to throw on a statement necklace, giving them something to talk about other than boys.

 black tassel necklace by itoro okon

5. Owambe, Yes!

You have been waiting for me to get here. Weddings generally are a great place to have your tassels adorning your ears with that Ankara or lace. They go nicely with turbans.


Peach tassel earrings by Itoro Okon

Mustard tassel earrings by Itoro Okon

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Still not sure, send us an email on info@itorookon.com with a picture of your outfit/fabric for a free consultation



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